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Updated: Jul 5

We offer SELF LAUNCH at our lake in Lincoln for 2 hours per session on certain days and times. The 'normal' sessions are on a Saturday and Sunday from 1st April until the end of September from 1 pm (launching available every 30 minutes) until 3 pm as we close at 5 pm - you can still book a self launch slot after 3 pm but there is no discount for less time and you need to be off the water by 5 pm please.

We do offer other self launch slots on week days during the school holidays but you need to call/email to check availability on all bookings as we are a 'pre book - pre pay' facility.

It costs £10 per person/craft to launch for a pre booked 2 hour slot.

If you just turn up you are unlikely to be able to launch on busy days as we restrict numbers to ensure a great experience.


Our SELF LAUNCH POLICY allows for ONE person to launch ONE CRAFT at a time.

The craft cannot be 'shared' we have a 'one craft/one person' policy UNLESS the craft is specifically designed for more than one person.

This means things like an inflatable kayak that is specifically designed for two people as an example, in that case you pay for ONE SELF LAUNCH but both people can use the craft if using it at the same time.

It is not possible to arrive with a group and self launch one craft and then everyone 'take turns', we are not a public beach, we are a private self launch facility and happy to accommodate individuals, groups, families etc but everyone needs to be on a craft if on the water during the self launch period.

Non participants are welcome to stay in the spectator areas and use the cafe, but if they later decide to participate on the water then another self launch fee becomes payable.

PLEASE NOTE: the majority of STAND UP PADDLE BOARDS are NOT designed for multiple people and we have a strict ONE PERSON/ONE CRAFT policy.

It IS possible to launch a SUP with a younger child (below 7 years) who can ride on the SUP with a responsible adult but they MUST wear a buoyancy aid at all times.. We DO NOT charge for the child in this example, but we are clear that this is only possible for smaller/younger children.

We can provide Buoyancy aids for all younger children FREE of charge if required within the launch fee.

Adults DO NOT need to wear a buoyancy aid as long as they stay tethered to the board AT ALL TIMES

Please note: General swimming is not allowed on SELF LAUNCH sessions as our life guard cover has to be in place to allow for swimming and this is only there on our dedicated swims sessions. If you wish to swim with or without your child then you need to sign up as a swim member and book via the booking app - details can be found at

CHILDREN SELF LAUNCH (7 years to 16 years)

Children over 7 years need a board of their own and we rent JUNIOR BOARDS with JUNIOR PADDLES for this reason.

We also rent LARGE FAMILY SIZE BOARDS so everyone could paddle together if you wanted.

Please note: It is essential that all children are fully supervised on and off the water at all times and unaccompanied children cannot sit in the cafe area and 'wait' for parents who are on the water unless they are supervised by a responsible adult (perhaps bring granny?).

We are a safety conscious organisation with an impeccable safety record and have restrictions on things like participant numbers, self launch tickets, number of dogs on site etc etc to ensure when YOU visit it is a great experience and you don't feel like you are at a holiday park ;-)

CHILDREN SELF LAUNCH (over 16 years)

Older children are able to self launch independently but an adult must remain on site throughout the launch period unless agreed in advance.


It is possible to SELF LAUNCH with your dog in a canoe or on a SUP but you will need to pay for a SELF LAUNCH TICKET for you and purchase an EXTRA DOGGIE ticket for the pooch (who will also get a FREE pupacino if you ask at the cafe).

We have a limited number of DOGGIE TICKETS available each session but we do have DOGGIE DIP SESSIONS running at other times that include equipment hire, just swimming with your dog or self launch.


Finally, we offer a'bundle' of discounted self launch tickets if you are able to self book through the booking app available to download on your phone.

This option is useful for regular customers and you can request to be set up on the app if you wish to take advantage of the cost savings and be able to book without contacting the office each time. Please ask on your next visit if you want to take advantage of this option.

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